Base drying systems

With its ability to be installed in small spaces, as well as its low sound levels, our Base Drying System goes far beyond the standards of our competitors.

Advantage Drying systems

The Industry Leader. Its unique design allows the towers to be adjusted to work within your car wash facility, whether it is very wide or narrow.

Large/Custom drying systems

Custom vehicle drying solutions for trucks, trains, buses, RVs, and unique vehicles. Aerodry maintains records for compliance with: Buy American (ARRA), FTA Buy America, FRA Buy America, FAA Buy American, and FHWA Buy America.

Drying systems




The Quiet Dryer

Why Choose Aerodry Blower System


Low energy consumption

Leading the industry with energy-efficient products while still providing a top-quality dry. Specs:15 HP motors, 3 phase, TEAO, 60 Hz


Maximize profit

Our vehicle drying systems adhere to a high standard of quality while exceeding the needs of a number of industry requirements to ensure your company gets the best product. With no downtime for maintenance, maximizing profitability.

Sound reduction

Significant amount of insulated ductwork, both before and after the air producers, to reduce sound levels

Maximum Air flow

To the car wash operators and investors that we are proud to work with, our pledge is to deliver the utmost in personalized service and an unwavering dedication to quality.

Patented technology

Designed with the customer in mind.

Industry Leader

Aerodry offers simple, straightforward solutions. We do not complicate the proposal. Our team wants to understand the problem or opportunity and find the best solution in the most effective way.

Maintenance Free

Our one-piece, molded axial fans have never had a failure

Customer Service

Aerodry develops relationships with our customers based on the principal of trust to progress together and achieve goals.

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