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Noise & Sound

Noise & Sound

The real difference

One of the key focuses in the production of our systems has always been the noise level they produce. Thanks to our research and development efforts, we’ve created products that everyone is talking about.

The Threat of Noise

Although there is no exact and universally accepted point at which sound is perceived as noise, potential hearing damage due to noise is an accepted and recognized occupational hazard in industry. The extent of damage depends on the length of time exposed, the intensity, and the exact nature of the noise. Along with issues caused within the workplace, excessive noise may also deter customers and lead to issues with surrounding neighbours. In order to address this issue with our products, we chose to focus on the source in our systems.

Source Control

The most desirable approach to noise is to reduce it at its source. Here, the addition of acoustical material can significantly reduce the noise level. With this in mind, we use foam and mineral wool internally in the dryers, and gel-coated fibreglass and stainless steel to act as barriers. Typically, porous materials absorb sound as well as moisture; therefore, we carefully researched the properties of materials which would abate noise while withstanding the harsh wash environment.

Small Space, Big Difference

While working to create significantly quieter drying systems, we also relied on our experience as car wash operators to design products that also addressed a number of other key concerns along with noise. Thus, our systems are able to fit within small spaces and operate reliably and maintenance-free. Along with this, there are no additional add-ons or extra tunnel space required to obtain the lowered sound volumes or other benefits of our systems.

For information related to noise and our drying systems, please see our Publications section.

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