Essence:  Our brand transmits core values that are a true reflection of our culture which prevails over all our activities, building trust and respect with the foresight that defines us.  We have a unique personality and express it through a verbal, visual and audible universe that makes Aerodry a reference for other companies.

Trust:  Aerodry develops relationships with our customers based on the principal of trust to progress together and achieve goals.

Creativity:  We think of ways to provide answers, new and original.  We license to dream and are always looking for the best effective solution.

Spirit:  Aerodry carries a positive message to all those who interact with us.

Respect and Freedom:  The two together are one, and cannot be separated.  Without respect there is no freedom and vice versa.  We believe in freedom of thought, action, opinion and respect all.  We do not impose nor discriminate.

Serve:  The end objective.  Our vocation.  We, at Aerodry, have the capacity to serve others, and each member is willing to effectively help with humility.  We allow ourselves to get involved in the action of the solution.

Be More:  Reflecting our constant concern to provide markedly superior products and services.  This involves top professionals, experienced, trained and updated constantly to be the best in what we do.

For Just:  Aerodry offers simple, straightforward solutions.  We do not complicate the proposal.  Our team wants to understand the problem or opportunity and find the best solution in the most effective way.

Our Journey

From day one of owning our first car wash in mid-eighties, we were involved, on-site owners directing all daily operations and equipment decisions essential to the car wash. This experience emphasized how important correct equipment selection and installation, maintenance, and performance are in this fast-paced, demanding industry.

Armed with this knowledge, we entered into a partnership to design, construct, and operate a full-service car wash.

Later, we sold our wash interests, and moved with our family to Denver, Colorado. Soon after, we purchased the assets of car wash equipment manufacturer PDS (Preferred Drying Systems and Perfected Drying Systems). However, we made the decision to focus solely on the dryer portion of the wash system to ensure that we could produce the best quality product. Thus, our efforts were concentrated on the re-design of the car wash dryer to streamline manufacturing techniques and improve a number of its characteristics.

With these goals in mind, Worldwide Drying Systems was incorporated in 1991. In its beginning, the company manufactured exclusively in stainless steel and was located in a leased facility. Our product line, Aerojet, consisted of both 4000 and 5000 series drying systems. A year later, after building customer confidence through our provision of personalized and experienced service, as well as a long-lasting, state-of-the-art product, we purchased the manufacturing plant. Soon after, we constructed a facility that met our needs even better.

Several years later, thanks to growing national and international demand, Worldwide moved once again to an even larger facility to accommodate the increase in production. In less than five years, the company had become the 2nd largest sheet stainless buyer in the Rocky Mountain region, eclipsed only by a well-known beer processor in Golden, CO. Six years after its incorporation, and at the time of its IPO, Worldwide was purchased by a newly formed company. By the time of its sale, 1000+ systems had been successfully placed in the field around the globe, and the company was well-known for its integrity and reliability. 

Solving a Problem

In 2002, realizing that sound levels had become a major issue for car wash facilities, we established Aerodry™  Systems, LLC and introduced the industry to a dryer which successfully addressed those concerns. Through considerable research and development, molds and tooling were completed to allow us to begin production of the Advantage and Base Drying Systems.  The innovative qualities of the systems we had manufactured allowed us to patent the system.

The year 2013 saw us moving to a larger, more modern facility to accommodate our growing operations.

Recently, we invested in additional molds and tooling to further improve product quality.

In 2015, Aerodry reached WBE certification and continues to foster national and international relationships with individual operators and major corporations.

To the Future

As the industry continues to advance due to changes in technology, we remain committed to being industry leaders with our products and services. Thanks to our past experience as operators and manufacturers in this fast-paced and demanding industry, we can relate to the challenges you are faced with through the operation of your business. With this in mind, we will continue to focus on product quality and great customer relations.