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We pride ourselves in the products we sell, but it’s always good to know that others agree and don’t think we’re just hot air.

I have been in the car was industry since I was about 14 years old.  I have seen plenty of dryers and none compare to Aerodry. Has been running in full-service wash for 6 years and have not touched it.. It Just Keeps On Working!

Robert New York

"Thank you very much again.  I can't wait to do business with you again."

Ronen Massachusetts

"Our choice for a second dryer was Aerodry hands down. The simplicity, durability, and easy on the ears design have served Park Place Car Wash for almost a decade with zero maintenance. Without knowing one might struggle to distinguish the latest addition due to superior craftsmanship. Thanks for everything Cheryl & Darryl."

Taylor Florida

"A new express wash with just one employee created a real concern about drying. The car wash exit is located less than 20' from an adjoining patio dining area; therefore, a dryer with low sound levels was required. We successfully addressed both concerns with a 60 HP Aerodry. All entities are quite pleased!"

Express Wash Texas

“The Aerodry System has allowed me to increase drying efficiency, while reducing horsepower from my previous dryer, which resulted in savings of utilities, labor, chemicals and supplies. Customers and employees alike appreciate the added value of significantly reduced sound levels!”

Tom New Jersey

“Cheryl Dobie gave me your name regarding the Aerodry Dryers. We have 4 sets of the Advantage Series blowers installed at our plant. They replaced a Washtec setup that was giving us a lot of problems. We are extremely satisfied with the blowers and have had absolutely no issues with them for the past 2 1/2 years. I would highly recommend the blowers, and working with Darryl and Cheryl is great. We also are recommending them to our sister plant in Georgia”

Zack Alabama

“Please come see it. It looks and works great, and so quiet.”

Lance California

"Blending the new technologies of Aerodry has created a phenomenal result in Van Nuys, California. Tandem Belt Transporter effortlessly glides cars through the stainless steel equipment. The Aerodry Advantage system is producing a thoroughly dried vehicle, and doing it quietly! Both the washing and drying processes of this facility are unmatched."

Brian Southern California

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