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We want you to be confident in your Aerodry system, so we’ve included a number of typical questions that may provide the answer you’re looking for. If not, please contact us.

  • How does Aerodry stand apart from the competition?

    A proven product which is backed by experience and trust.  Our many happy customers gladly attest to our integrity and personal attention to detail.  Aerodry defines quality.

  • Why do you use axial fans as compared to centrifugal?

    We believe strongly in the simplicity of an axial fan vs. a centrifugal. Most other dryer manufacturers use a centrifugal because the air producer is readily available from HVAC suppliers. They then cover it with their own external housing design. However, this causes them to miss the opportunity to lower noise levels. As well, the typical design of a centrifugal fan leads to stress on the motor and the need for replacement parts, which leads to increased costs for you. Alternatively, our axial fan design puts the liability of replacement on us. With this in mind, we are pleased to note that we have never had to replace one of our fans during our many years of operation.

  • Why do you promote the use of variable-speed drives?

    Variable-speed drives have a number of great attributes that can lead to you saving money, and even seeing a return on investment within 14 months. For a more detailed account of their benefits, please see this related article.

  • Are Aerodry models compatible will all wash system brands?

    Yes. If your wash system computer has a function to run a dryer, Aerodry will be compatible.

  • What size dryer is correct for my wash?

    The rule of thumb is 1 HP for every car/hour conveyor speed.

  • My wash has a low ceiling and is narrow. Can the dryer be modified?

    Yes. Keeping in mind reducing the height will also affect vehicle clearance, Aerodry can modify height at the time of manufacture. The modular components allow installs in narrow (or extra wide) bays.

  • Does Aerodry custom build dryers?

    Given the unique nature of each facility, Truck/Train/Bus Dryers as well as attic dryers are custom builds. We may consider alternative designs, but will not manufacture equipment if it impedes our proven performance and sound levels.

  • Frequently, we wash high-profile vehicles. Is it possible to increase the standard clearance?

    Yes, additional components can be added to the system to accommodate oversize vehicles (height or width).

  • How does Aerodry reduce the amount of water blowing out of pickup beds?

    VFDs can be programmed to reduce motor speed during the time the truck bed passes under the dryer. Relays and timers will serve to ramp up motor rotation when the next car approaches.

  • Why should I be concerned about the noise levels my system produces?

    Not only can excessive noise levels be damaging to your employees, but they can also deter customers from frequenting your business. As well, they may cause issues with neighbouring residences or companies. For more information, please see our Noise & Sound section or our Publications.

  • Do noise levels increase with the addition of more air producers?

    No. There may be an audible difference in tone; however, sound is not additive.

  • How do I know that Aerodry’s stated sound levels are accurate?

    Independent professional acoustic engineers have certified the report.


  • Is help available with City Council/Planning Commission concerning noise issues?

    Yes. Extensive documentation and testimonials are available, and we can arrange for an Aerodry representative to attend your meeting.

  • Typically, how long is the lead time prior to ship?

    We make every effort to stock standard components and lead times are generally very short.

  • Is Aerodry affiliated with any other manufacturers/suppliers?

    Although, our dryers are utilized with all types/brands of wash systems, we have always been independently owned and operated.

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