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Advantage Dryer System

Advantage Dryer System

The industry leader

Our unique systems continue to gain praise thanks to a number of key factors. Whether your operation is a small business car wash or a large-scale, industrial application, this is your answer.

Hear the Difference Hear the Difference

Significant sound reduction, no add-ons necessary

Like No Other Like No Other

Patented, touchless carwash drying systems

Built For You Built For You

Easily customized for maximum air flow. Compatible with all washes.

Worry-Free Worry-Free

Maintenance-free stainless steel and gel-coated fiberglass ductwork

The Details

Thanks to in-depth research, as well as experience working within the car wash industry, our Advantage Drying System addresses a number of key issues. It’s unique design allows the side column towers to be adjusted to work within your facility, whether it is very wide or narrow. Along with this, the Advantage system has a significant amount of insulated ductwork, both before and after the air producers, to reduce sound levels even better than our Base Dryer System.

The Latest

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